From Our Pasture, To Your Plate

Here at Hole-In- One Ranch, we stand behind: 

Superior quality, pasture-raised meats. Our animals are born, raised, and finished on natural pasture forages. Consistency and variety. 

We pride ourselves on constant attention and improvement to our product, and in serving a wide variety of locally grown meats. Not many ranches provide and specialize in more than one meat, and in our case we offer beef, lamb, and pork. 

Mindful food, for our food. We strive to maintain a 100% hormone, GMO, and antibiotic-free environment whenever possible. 

Happy animals. Our animals live each day as they should in a stress-free environment. With plenty of fresh pasture to graze on, they live the good life. 

An amazing taste in beef, lamb, and pork. We’re confident you'll notice the difference in our ranch-raised meats, from the very first bite. 

Providing locally-grown foods for families who are not in a position to raise livestock themselves. We’ll take care of the tough stuff, while you reap the benefits. 

Locally processed and finished meats. Processed within the area at a USDA- inspected facility, you can be sure our meats are truly a local, fresh, and safe product. 

Years of ranching experience. You can say it runs in the family, and it’s in our blood. 

Nurturing the land that serves us. We strive to regenerate and improve the land we use through thoughtful stewardship and sustainability in our ranching ethic.

Are you ready to experience Hole-In-One Ranch for yourself?