From Our Ranch, To Your Doorstep.

The Ranch is Where the Heart Is.

A family-owned business since 1993 with decades of ranching heritage in Lassen County, Hole-In-One Ranch provides excellent ranch-raised beef, lamb, and pork to surrounding communities in the Northern Nevada and Northern California area. Located an hour outside of Reno, Nevada in Janesville, California, the ranch has grown over the years, while still holding true to our core values and expertise. What started as producing a few grass-fed beeves for friends and family, turned into a passion of raising great meats in a humane, naturally healthy, and environmentally sustainable way. 

Operating on a small scale allows us to give our herd the quality care and daily attention they deserve. We handle our animals slowly on foot, and try to provide a gentle, stress-free experience. As a result, we are able to provide superior quality ranch-raised beef, lamb, and pork as part of our overall goal to improve family nutrition and maintain a sustainable environment. Our passion lies not only in nurturing the livestock, but the land that serves us. 

After all, the ranch is where the heart is.

Hole-In-One Ranch is your local farmer.

Discover the benefits of ranch-raised meats, and an unforgettable taste to match. Browse our variety of healthy, sustainable, pasture-finished meats today.

Our cattle, sheep, and pigs are born and raised on fresh pasture, and finished by grazing natural pasture forages. With room to roam, the animals are happy to live each day as they should. All of our animals are processed within the area at a USDA-inspected processing facility.

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From Our Ranch, To Your Doorstep.

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