Hole-In-One Burger

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This is the best and last hamburger recipe you will ever need. Start with our delicious and nutritious ground beef and keep it simple!



Hole-In-One Ranch Ground Beef course salt and pepper
lettuce, tomato, onion
high quality buns
BBQ sauce
Best Food's Mayonaise
Lots of napkins

Shhh. . . .
Secret Sauce: Mix mayonaise with ketchup Teri's Secret Sauce: Mix mayo with BBQ sauce Joe's Secret Sauce: He's not telling, but I know it involves A-1 sauce.


Make 3 burgers per one pound package of beef.
Don't handle the burger too much, just make 3 equal balls and flatten with the back of a plate on a hard surface.
Season both sides of each burger liberally with salt and pepper. At this point you can cook right away, or cover and keep in the refridgerator until you're ready for them.
Bring burgers to room temperature for up to 1/2 hour.
We think that grilling on a bar-b-que is probably the best method, but we've cooked plenty on the stove in a cast-iron or coated frying pan.
Whatever method - use medium to low-medium temperature.
When the juices begin to seep out the top of the burger, it's time to flip them. Cook just a few more minutes, then remove, and cover tightly with foil to let the juices settle for 5 minutes.
We say, "No cheese, so you can enjoy the natural meat flavor". Serve with buns and condiments -They will be juicy and messy, but totally worth it!

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